2017 September

Synnøve Skarbø og Vanessa Rudjords Podcast

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Since April we have had the pleasure of recording Synnøve & Vanessas weekly podcast. Its been such an amazing experience working with these two and its always the weeks highlight whenever they come in to record.

From day one their podcast has gone from strength to strength and deservedly so. In fact now as I write this (a few days after the release of 19th episode) it sits firmly in Norways top 10 most popular podcasts on iTunes, with thousands of downloads a week. The reasons for this are obvious as within the podcasts itself they both really open up and let you into there universe. Its a joy to listen to, as not only do they both speak honestly about there thoughts and feelings, but this often leads to them telling very funny stories about there relationship, work, friends, family and even ex-boyfriends. We really recommend you take a listen!

Synnøve Skarbø og Vanessa Rudjords Podcast can be download for free on iTunes, and they release a new one every Thursday so its certainly worth subscribing – Luke, Solito lyd

Kjør meg til OL sendes på TVNorge høsten 2017

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Without a drivers license, Magnus Devold will attempt to travel by car from Norway to South Korea in the hope of making it to the opening ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Without giving too much away, its safe to say this 20,000 kilometer journey is like no travel show I have ever seen. It will premier on TVNorge at some point this autumn and when it does I thoroughly recommend you tune in. I honestly don’t think I have ever laughed as much whilst mixing down a show in my life. Check out the teaser hereLuke, Solito lyd

Luksusfellen er tilbake!

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Luksusfellen is back on your screens, and so far it is our favourite Luksusfellen series to date. We are only 3 episodes in and already we have been taken on an emotional rollercoaster with some engaging, honest participants. It is always a real pleasure to record the sound / do the audio post on Luksusfellen and we strongly advice you go catch up with this series at viafree.no // You can see how the rest of the series unfolds weakly on TV3, Wednesday, Kl 20:30.- Luke, Solito lyd