2017 October

Reisen Hjem er tilbake på TV2

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This Sunday Egil Svartdahl returns to your screens with a new season of “Reisen Hjem”. Each week within the show, Egil meets with a new Norwegian celebrity to have a talk about both there life story and how this intertwines with there faith. These always turn into very interesting discussions full of honesty, humility and fascinating anecdotes which perhaps you might not get in any other setting. From what we have seen so far this season, we can tell you its certainly worth watching. You can watch Season 7 of Reisen Hjem at 12:00, Sunday on TV2 – Luke, Solito lyd

The Voice – Norges beste stemme

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We are currently having great fun both recording and mixing VBś for The Voice this season. The combination of incredibly talented singers and brilliant song mixes, by Kurder King Production, is creating a very enjoyable workday full of goosebumps and chills. Make sure you go tune in yourself at 19:30, Friday TV2, and let us know who you think will win! – Luke, Solito lyd

Kom pod med oss!

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If you have a desire to pod, we now have a spacious and cosy studio, perfectly equipped for podcasting. We offer both recording and mixing services with the ability to tailor the room to match all your needs. Further, as the control room is in a separate studio you will enjoy the comfort of having the podcasting room entirely to yourself, so you can feel relaxed and at home. If you would like to know more about our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. – Solito lyd