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Nyheter | Solitolyd

En Kveld Hos Kloppen Sesong 4

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Solveig is back with her latest season “En Kveld Hos Kloppen” and once again we had the pleasure of doing both the sound recording and the sound mix in post. We love love LOVE working on this production, its always so much fun and Solveig always manages to get really pleasant and interesting guests. This season´s include Morten Hegseth Riiber, Knut Arild Hareide, Jenny Skavla, Anne B. Ragde, Odd Magnus Williamson, Ragnhild Mowinckel, Vanessa Rudjord, and Jonas Gahr Støre to name just a few.

This season of En Kveld Hos Kloppen has been my personal favourite and I have to say that watching Anne B. Ragde disgust at Solveig´s attempt to de-shell and egg is a joy to behold. Tune in to TV2 every Wednesday at 21:40 or you can catch up on the series over at TV2 Sumo – Luke, Solito lyd

Ambulansen på FEM

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At the moment we are currently working on the sound mix for FEM´s excellent new show Ambulansen. The series follows the ambulance workers at Haukeland University Hospital / Helse Bergen throughout their extraordinary day to day work lives. Both ambulance staff and ambulances have been equipped with cameras, so everything that is filmed is close, intimate and genuine.

Its well worth tuning into Ambulansen, as its a very humbling experience watching these paramedics work. They do incredible jobs in the most challenging of conditions, as you will see. You can watch the show at 21:00 Monday to Thursday on FEM, or catch up on: Dplay – Luke, Solito lyd

Tur og Tøys Podcast

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Over the last few weeks we have been helping with the recording and mix of an exciting new podcast, created by explorers (yes you read correctly, real life explorers!) Alaksender Gamme and Lars Ebbesen. To give you a taster of what to expect, here is a description in there own words:

“Aleksander Gamme og Lars Ebbesen er to turgærne tøysekopper som med elsker små og store eventyr. I denne podden serverer de glade historier, friske intervjuer, solide tips, kritiske blikk og heftige diskusjoner, med både kjente og ukjente gjester.”

I would recommend this highly to anyone who has an interest in travel, adventure, any kind of outdoor activities or just has an interest in two people having a laugh whilst telling some truly incredible stories about there travels. And of course from now they will have there microphones with them on there next adventures, so with a pair of headphones you will be able to join them too.

The first episode is already out on digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, ect., and there will be plenty more to come so subscribe, share and review: Tur og Tøys iTunes – Luke, Solito lyd

Spesialprestene på TV2

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This week we undertook the vignette sound design and sound mix on the first episode of “Spesialprestene”. In this new TV2 series we get to know some of Norways priest´s who have a different ministry, with a different church to the conventional one. The program challenges the traditional view of the priests as we meet among others the airport priest, with millions of travellers in their “church”, the North Sea priest who has a workplace on offshore oil platforms and the prison priest who works behind the walls with prisoners. The series offers a broad portrait and close encounters with the special priests as they support and assist in their very different jobs.

Spesialprestene premieres at 18:00 on TV2 and TV2 SUMO on Sunday 27 January – Luke, Solito lyd

One night only – Synnøve og Vanessa live fra Rockefeller!

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Whilst recording their podcast a few weeks ago, Vanessa surprised Synnøve by secretly booking Rockefeller, Oslo, for a live podcast on the 14th June. This has got us all super excited in the studio and today was the day that tickets went on sale. I was hoping to give you some details on were you can get buy tickets for yourselves, but it only SOLD OUT IN UNDER 5 MINUTES!!!. Due to such popular demand they added an extra show earlier in the day on the 14th, and that also sold out insanely fast. In addition, recently the girls reached the 5 million download mark, with over 100,000 weakly listeners, so its safe to say that all of us at Solito lyd are over the moon for them. Its such a privilege to work with these two wonderful women and we absolutely can’t wait for the 14th of June. See you there…..Snages!!

Although tickets are currently sold out here is the ticketmaster link just in case: Buy Tickets – Luke, Solito lyd


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Late last year we worked on this poignant advert for SOSbarnebyer. The organisation provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children in need and protects their interests and rights around the world. Please take a moment to watch for yourselves and you can really help in raising awareness for the campaign by sharing the video on social media. Finally, If you would like to donate anything in order to help enable SOSbarnebyer to continue there incredible work, then you can find all the information you need here: www.sos-barnebyer.no – Luke, Solito lyd

The Voice premiere Kl 20:00 på TV 2 i kveld!

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The new series of The Voice premieres tonight at 20:00 on TV2, and again we will have the pleasure of doing the sound recording for this season. Last time round some truly incredible talent took the stage so we can’t wait to see what the contestants will bring this year. Make sure to tune in and be sure to let us know your favorites – Luke, Solito lyd

Slep meg på ferie premiere på Dplay

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After successfully traveling by car from Norway to the winter olympics in Pyeongchang (without a drivers license!!), Magnus Devold is back on your screens with a new adventure. However, this time he has traded his car for a caravan and is relying on the kindness of Norwegian public to tow him around Norway on holiday. In Magnus Devold´s own words: 

“Det er jo ikke mulig å planlegge hvem jeg treffer og hvor jeg havner, det gjør det også litt vanskelig å vite hva jeg skal pakke med meg. Men jeg har hørt at nordmenn er hyggelige og jeg gleder meg til å bli kjent med den norske kulturen. Min største frykt er at sommerværet som har vært de siste ukene er brukt opp, derfor tar jeg med varme klær. Og hermetikk, i tilfelle jeg må klare meg alene i den norske ødemarka i flere time.”

Here at Solito lyd we are currently working on the sound mix for this program, and already after the first episode we can see the series is going to be amazing. The nature is beautiful, Magnus is hilarious and the journey is wild so we would definitely recommend you have a watch.

“Slep meg på ferie” will premier on Dplay on the 29th of October 2018, and if you enjoyed this we would also recommend you check out “Kjør meg til OL” on Dplay – Luke, Solito lyd

Praktisk info med Jon Almaas

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We are delighted to be recording the sound for the vb´s in the latest season of Praktisk info med Jon Almaas. Currently we have sound men / women assisting Jon, Calle and the rest of the gang on there weekly ventures, and as you can imagine, its proving to be very very good fun. In fact, you don’t need me to tell you that any program containing these guys will be brilliant, so tune in to Season 3 of Praktisk info med Jon Almaas on TVNorge, Thursday at 21:30 or online here : Dplay – Luke, Solito lyd

Parterapi sesong 2 på NRK

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Kevin Vågnes is back on the NRK with a second season of his comedy series Parterapi, and we had the privilege of recording the sound. The first season was so brilliant that before filming even started Nina could not wait to get out on set, and her feedback when the series recording came to a close was that she “loved every second of it”.

Its been a real joy following Kevin´s work over the years. From watching him on Kollektivet, to doing the sound design and mix on episodes of Suksesskolen, Kevin has been consistently hilarious and Parterapi is up there with his very best creations. Watch Season 2 of Parterapi online here: NRK – Luke, Solito lyd