Luksusfellen er tilbake med sesong 19!

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This year Luksusfellen celebrates its 10 year anniversary and we have had the pleasure of working with them for much of this time. This season is no exception, with our sound men and women travelling to all four corners of Norway to witness economistś Hallgeir Kvadsheim, Magne Gundersen og Lene Drange once again work there financial magic. We are now half way through the audio post production for this season and we can safely say the show is more captivating and relevant then ever. Make sure to tune in and happy 10 year anniversary Luksusfellen!. 

Watch season 19 of Luksusfellen on TV3, Wednesday, Kl 20:30 or online here: Viafree – Luke, Solito lyd

Hjertebarna sesong 1 kommer på TV2

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In Norway today, 9000 children under 18 years of age live with congenital heart defects. Some are so serious they will not survive without surgery. In this series of Hjertebarna you follow the stories of some of these children and there families as they go through this difficult process. We highly recommend you tune in to TV2 on Sunday 26th of August at 21:45, as the physical and mental strength of these children is truly inspiring. Watch the teaser here: TV2 Sumo – Luke, Solito lyd

KIWIs Sommer

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A few months back we had the pleasure doing the sound design / mix on the adverts for Kiwis TV summer campaign. Im sure you have all seen them by now, but if not then why not take a look. We hope you are all enjoying this amazing summer that we are having in Oslo and long may it continue. Happy grilling! – Luke, Solito lyd


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A few days ago we had the pleasure of doing the sound mix on this BROSLO CITY episode. If you have not heard of them, BROSLO CITY are an art collective based in Oslo and the show documents their day to day life in their mission to take over the world. In this first episode the focus is mainly on the work they are doing for the X GAMES in Norway and the music of the talented Chris Abolade. It is very interesting to see such unique and creative people driving forward popular culture and working with such freedom, so why not take a look for yourselves and get inspired. To keep up to date, Subscribe to their Youtube channel here: BROSLO CITY – Luke, Solito lyd

Gullruten 2018 Nominees

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Its that time of year again when the Gullruten nominations are revealed, and we are super excited to see that 3 productions we have worked on have made the list.

Beste underholdningsprogram:
En Kveld Hos Kloppen – Monster for TV 2

Beste reality:
Luksusfellen – Rubicon for TV3
Familieekspedisjonen – Strix for NRK

Huge congratulations to all the Nominees, but especially to everyone that worked on these three productions. All of us at Solito Lyd will be keeping our fingers crossed for you guys on the night – Luke, Solito lyd

Han Heter Ikke William premiere på tv3 nå på torsdag

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Its safe to say were pretty excited about the premier of Eivind Sander and Thomas Hayes´s new comedy show “Han Heter Ikke William” on Tv3 this Thursday. Without giving too much away, the premise of the show is that Eivind has been asked to mentor Thomas in exchange for social media tips to boost his rap career. Its very quick to see that watching the two´s relationship develop is hilarious and on top of that there are some excellent cameos from the likes of Peter Stormare, Linni Meister, Per Heimly, Stig Henrik Hoff, Fridtjov Såheim & OnklP.

Its been a pleasure working creatively with such a talented group of people on this production and Its thrown up many memorable moments, not least some interesting phone conversations with Eivind during the post production process (you will see why when you watch the show). Make sure you tune into TV3 this Thursday at 22:00 – Luke, Solito lyd

En kveld hos Kloppen på TV2

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We love working with Solveig so much. She always fills the studio with warmth whenever she stops by, and this is something that translates through the TV screen in the latest series of “En kveld hos Kloppen”. The show is full of lovely honest chats (and interesting food choices) with more of your favourite celebs. I can guarantee it will make for interesting viewing and will leave you with that feelgood feeling inside. Tune in to TV2 on Sunday at 21:45 for the latest show of en kveld hos kloppen – Luke, Solito lyd

Mer enn gull kommer I kveld på TV2

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Mer enn gull is back on your screens tonight with its third season and its fair to say that the show just keeps going from strength to strength. Its already a favourite in the solito studio, but this season comes with an extra special twist in the way that the veteran sports stars now compete with the latest up and coming generation of sports wonderkids. This makes for such exciting viewing full of competition, positivity and humility. Be sure to tune in tonight at 20:00 on TV2 – Luke, Solito lyd

Årets Stjerneskudd!

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Huge congratulations to Synnøve Skarbø & Vanessa Rudjord for winning “Årets stjerneskudd” at the VIXEN Influencer Awards 2017. Its such a privilege having them in to record their (now award winning) podcast every week, and all of us at Solito lyd have had so much joy watching it grow.

Synnøve Skarbø & Vanessa Rudjords Podcast can be download for free on Itunes, and they release a new one every Thursday so make sure you subscribe – Luke, Solito lyd

OL-Kveld På TV Norge

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If your enjoying the winter Olympics make sure you tune in to OL-Kveld on TV Norge were you can find Jon Almaas and Anne Rimmen taking a humorous look at the days highlights. The show includes VBs from Magnus Devold´s travels to South Korea aswell as Calle Hellevan-Larsens journalistic mishaps with the public, all of which we have been very much enjoying mixing at the studio. We really can’t get enough of Magnus abroad so If you want a good laugh then OL-Kveld will is airing on TV Norge every evening at 20:00 throughout the winter Olympic Period – Luke, Solito lyd