Han Heter Ikke William premiere på tv3 nå på torsdag

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Its safe to say were pretty excited about the premier of Eivind Sander and Thomas Hayes´s new comedy show “Han Heter Ikke William” on Tv3 this Thursday. Without giving too much away, the premise of the show is that Eivind has been asked to mentor Thomas in exchange for social media tips to boost his rap career. Its very quick to see that watching the two´s relationship develop is hilarious and on top of that there are some excellent cameos from the likes of Peter Stormare, Linni Meister, Per Heimly, Stig Henrik Hoff, Fridtjov Såheim & OnklP.

Its been a pleasure working creatively with such a talented group of people on this production and Its thrown up many memorable moments, not least some interesting phone conversations with Eivind during the post production process (you will see why when you watch the show). Make sure you tune into TV3 this Thursday at 22:00 – Luke, Solito lyd

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